Linking Policy

The NJF expects organizations that link to the NJF Web site to provide factually correct information and to uphold high ethical standards in developing and presenting information. 

We do not evaluate linking to the NJF Web site on a case-by-case basis.  By linking to the NJF Web site you agree to be bound by the terms stated herein. The NJF reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without prior notice. 

1.  The link must be an active, text-only link clearly marked "Njoy Foundation". You may not use NJF logos or trademarks.

2.  The relationship between the NJF and your organization must be clearly communicated using one of the following descriptions. 

  • <COMPANY/ORGANIZATION NAME> supports the Njoy Foundation
  • Supporter of the Njoy Foundation
  • Njoy Foundation (to be used when included in a listing of special needs Web sites)

3.  Links may only be directed to the NJF homepage at Links to any other page of the NJF Web site are prohibited.

4.  When activated by a user, the link must open the NJF Web site in a full screen and not within a frame on the linked Web site.

The NJF reserves the right to terminate any links to the NJF Web site at any time without cause or warning. If the NJF chooses to exercise this right, you will be required to remove your link immediately.